Secured Business Loans Are For All… Including Bad Debtors…

Secured Business Loans Are For All… Including Bad Debtors…

Money, Manpower and Materials- these three are the pre requisite criteria for a business. As fuel is necessary to drive a car, same these 3M’s play the leading role for sustaining a business. And, because of that, business loans have become quite popular in lending market. At the same time, it is also true that among the numerous applications, only few are benefited to avail business loans. In that case, the presence of a security can give you extra privilege to avail a business loan. Even more, if you have bad debt, then the existence of security will ensure you to get a business loan without any hassle.

A business loan can be secured when it is offered against a security. As security covers the risk of lending money, thus generally lenders do not take time to provide these loans. One can use both his personal and business property as security. Bad debt secured business loans are offered with a package ranged from £50,000 to £1,000,000. And the repayment period varies in accordance with loan amount. Generally the repayment period is decided anything between 3 to 25 years.

Bad Debt Secured Loan, a customized facility for bad debtors that helps them to fund their business. Here bad debt borrowers mean those credit score is 580 or below it. They could be CCJ’s, IVA’s, defaults, arrears, bankruptcy etc. Since, the existence of security covers the risk of lending money, thus lenders do not hesitate to provide bad debt secured business loans. But obviously, due to bad debt, bad debt secured business loans are available at higher interest rate.

A bad debt borrower can obtain secured business loans either with flexible repayment option or with fixed rate option. Fixed rate loan option indicates that a borrower has to pay a fixed monthly installment every month. On the other hand, with flexible loan option borrowers can pay off the loan amount according to their convenience. In such cases, borrowers can get the facility like overpayment, underpayment, payment holiday etc.

Here, the borrower needs to know that he will have to fill up some documents while applying for a secured business loan. These are like:

• A vivid profile of his business where the nature of his business, annual sales, duration of the business will be described.

• If it is new business, then it is required to present the business plan and how the business would be capable enough to repay the loan amount.

• A loan request also will be attached along with the loan application that will specify what kind of secured business loan is required, the amount and obviously the purpose.

• Submission of other financial statements like tax returns, balance sheet, profit and loss statement is also mandatory.

Bad debt secured business loans work well to gear up a business perfectly. If you are a bad debtor then stop repenting for that and start funding your business with bad debt secured business loans.

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