Finding Out Who Really Owns Your Business

Finding Out Who Really Owns Your Business

Every home business owner loves the idea of owning their own business, but after a while it may become apparent that although their name is on the door and they are accountable for every legal aspect of the business, they may not be the actual owner. Whether you have accepted a business offer from an online customer, bought into a franchise or accepted investments from friends or relatives, the ownership or your home business has may be filled with some wrinkles…

In the online business world, you have probably seen the offers to sign up with a company to run your own business. Even though your name or the name of your business will be on the website, it is still owned by the main company. You are nothing more than a distributor for their products or services and without choice are following their business model, selling their products at pre-set prices and earning what the company says you are going to earn.

That is not to say it is a bad thing, but many people who join these companies delude themselves into thinking they are business owners. You will not be able to make any changes on the website, nor will you be able to still anything that is not from the main company and in a majority of these businesses you will not be allowed to adjust pricing. The only thing you can control is how much money you spend on marketing this new business venture.

Franchising in an excellent way to open a business, whether brick and mortar or strictly online, but it presents a similar situation for the franchise business owner. Fess will be charged to take advantage of any national advertising campaigns and you are restricted to using only products bought from them or their authorized distributors. Again, your name will be right up there as owning the franchise for the business, but the business itself.

Funding for a new business can be difficult, with a few choices available. If you have managed to save money over several years to fund your own start-up business and accept money from no outside sources, then you are truly the business owner. If you take money from investors, they may believe they have a say in how the business operates as they want to protect their investment and if you max out your credit cards to fund your new business, then it is owned jointly by you and the credit card companies.

One mistake many new business owners make is asking for loans from relatives to get their business up and running. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, conversation at holiday gatherings will go in the same direction as the business. If business is good and everyone is making some money from their investments then holiday meals can be a happy and fun time. Conversely, if business is not going as well as expected, turkey may not be the only thing discussed at the family Thanksgiving meal.

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