Are Business Card Scanners Advantageous?

Are Business Card Scanners Advantageous?

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran to the company, part of your job would be meeting current and existing clients as well as attending business related functions. Amidst all the talks of business, the introductions, the hand shakes and conversations, the exchange of business cards is typically common. If you are not an organized type of person, chances are you’ll likely lose or misplace that important card. But not anymore because business card scanners offer the convenience of helping you store and organize business card information sans the necessity and the hassle of storing those rectangular cards.

These business card scanners are very simple and easy to operate. It basically has a scanner document feeder on which the business card is inserted and the information is scanned. The business card scanner’s optical character recognition (OCR) program then breaks the texts found on the card and sorts them into categories such as name, company name, address, phone number, email, website, etc. and places them in the corresponding contact fields on the software’s database. These business card scanners can work with many of the other contact programs available in the market such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Goldmine and ACT among the many others as well as PDA Smart Phones.

If you are in the sales force or you run a sales-oriented type of business, these business card scanners will definitely come in handy as they not only scan business card information but they also sort, consolidate as well as search contact information with its integrated software database system. With the business card scanner, you eliminate time needed to encode business card details one by one onto your computer. The business card scanner will do this job for you by simply inserting the business card onto the device.

Business card scanners though are not that fool proof yet since some of the information being fed into the system can get into an incorrect location. So, there is basically the need to check and ensure that the data are all in the correct fields which is just a minor setback. Companies who have employed large numbers of sales force can set up a database with the business card scanner that can contain all customer or client details and information. As long as the sales personnel can get an internet access and can supply the appropriate password to access the secure company site, data can easily be secured even if they are out of the office or on field most of the time.

The business card scanner is really an innovative and very useful device that will help you organize your business cards so as not to forget an important client’s information.

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